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Advertise with Us

University of New Mexico Chartered Student Organizations, ASUNM & GPSA (and their agencies), and University departments can reserve space to advertise and run donation drives in the Student Union Building free of charge.

Follow these easy steps:

Use the guidelines outlined in the Student Union Building Advertising Policy and the Student Union Building Charitable Giving Donations Policy. 


SUB Facebook: Send a  PowerPoint or image file (.jpg, .gif, .img, etc.) to, and we’ll post about the event for you. Feel free to share your event on our Facebook  page at:


Outdoor Banners: 
  • Ballroom Balcony: 10 ft. wide by 6 ft. high max.
  • East: 8 ft. wide by 5 ft. high max.

Indoor Banners: All Atrium locations: 11 ft. wide by 5’2 ft. high max

Banners will only be up for 2 weeks and must be picked up afterward.

Banners not picked up after 7 business days of the last reserved advertising date will become the property of the Student Union Building Marketing Department.

To submit your banner

Please download and fill out the Banner info label

Please deliver your banner and a printed copy of the banner info label to the SUB Administrative Offices (third floor of the SUB).


Table Donation Drive: If you’d like to run a cash donation drive, please reserve a table through the SUB Event and Planning Office at 505-277-5498 or

Goods Donation Box: Fill out the Submission Form at the bottom of the page. Please include information about your event and where you would like your donation boxes to be placed in the "Additional Information About your Submission box".

Monitors/LED Screens

Please note that per policy events must be held at the sub to qualify for monitor advertisement.

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Though the option is available we will not be accepting portrait orientated ads. 

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