About the SUB

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About the SUB

The Student Union Building (SUB) at the University of New Mexico acts as a community center to students, staff, and faculty. The Student Union creates a sense of community for the student life population through the many programs and services that take place within the building. The SUB is a leader on campus and provides many high-tech conveniences, essential services, and cultural enrichments to the UNM community.

The University of New Mexico Student Union's mission is to maintain the highest standard in support, services, and programming in order to promote a strong sense of community and student life. It is a place where UNM students, faculty, staff, alumni, and guests can congregate and socialize in an environment that promotes an appreciation for diversity. The goals of the Student Union support the University's mission.

To find out more about the SUB and it's general policies, click here and take a look at the Student Union Building Policy Manual.

unm mapThe SUB is located in the center of the UNM Main Campus, North of Central Ave. Use the map to the right when visiting the SUB.

Points of interest on the map:

  1. UNM Welcome Center and Cornell Parking Structure- Use the parking structure when visiting the SUB.
  2. UNM Bookstore
  3. Popejoy Hall
  4. UNM Johnson Center - Recreation Facility
  5. UNM Student Health Center
  6. New Mexico Student Union Building

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