The Student Union is a leader on the University of New Mexico campus when it comes to sustainability and the implementation of new green technologies throughout the building. There are multiple technologies the Student Union is currently using to serve as an example for the UNM and greater communities:

  • Hands-free washing faucets: 30 hands-free washing units have been installed in the SUB, leading to a 75% reduction in water usage.

  • Occupancy sensors and lighting: All six restrooms in the Student Union Building are equipped with lights that are programmed with a time delay to ensure the lights will turn off once the room is empty.  Additionally, the lights throughout the building were replaced with Compact Fluorescence Lights (CFLs) that use only 25% of the electricity used by incandescent lights and last up to 10 times as long.

  • Water-filling stations: These filtered water stations lessen the need to purchase bottled water and reduce landfill waste.  During the slowest part of the day, roughly 1.45 gallons of water are filled and consumed, while in peak times, nearly 4.62 gallons are filled.

Many departments across campus along with other universities have visited and inquired about the Student Union Building’s new green technologies. The Student Union Building is always open to be a test site for other energy efficiency initiatives.